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File:.347 Magnum menu icon WaW.pngFile:347 Magnum menu icon WaW.pngFile:640px-Ray Gun 3rd person view WaW.png
File:AK-47 menu icon BO.pngFile:AK-47 with Tishina BODS.jpgFile:ASP menu icon BO.png
File:AUG menu icon BO.pngFile:AWtopright.jpgFile:Airfield.jpg
File:Airfield minimap WaW.pngFile:American MG in COD2.jpgFile:American in COD4.png
File:Aspyr Media logo.gifFile:Attack Boat BODS.jpgFile:Attack Boat Gameplay BODS.jpg
File:BAR menu icon WaW.pngFile:BO2 RP Boxart.pngFile:BO2topright.png
File:BODtr.pngFile:Ballistic Knife menu icon BO.pngFile:Battery.jpg
File:BlackOpsMPBackground.pngFile:Black Ops Hardened Edition.jpgFile:Black Ops PS3 prestige edition.jpg
File:Black Ops WMD 1.pngFile:Blackops5.PNGFile:BlackopsNewTopright.png
File:Blackopsds.pngFile:Bodstopright.pngFile:Bowie Knife 3rd Person BO.png
File:Breach.jpgFile:Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.pngFile:COD2 BRO.jpg
File:CODBlackOps wallpaper 1900x1200 01.jpgFile:CODBlackOps wallpaper 1900x1200 06.jpgFile:CODWAWMachinegunsSKINS.png
File:CODWAWsubmachineSKINS.pngFile:COD WAW Map pack 3 promo.jpgFile:CZ75 menu icon BO.png
File:Call-of-duty-world-at-war-collectors-special-edition.jpgFile:Call of Duty 2.jpgFile:Call of Duty 3 - Trailer
File:Call of Duty 3 - Trailer-0File:Call of Duty Black Ops - Campaign - Crash SiteFile:Call of Duty Black Ops - Campaign - Redemption
File:Call of Duty Black Ops DS trailerFile:Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified - Gamescom TrailerFile:Call of Duty Black Ops II - Personalization Packs Trailer 4
File:Call of Duty Black Ops Nintendo DS review and summary.jpgFile:Call of Duty Cover.jpgFile:Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer
File:Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 box art.pngFile:Call of Duty World at War - Map Pack 3 - Launch TrailerFile:Call of Duty World at War LCE.jpg
File:Call of Duty title trans.pngFile:Call of the Dead Zombie Map Select Menu Picture.jpgFile:Callofduty3 Cover.jpg
File:Callofdutyblackops nocoop.jpgFile:Callofdutycollection.jpgFile:Captain Kipton Patterson.jpg
File:Cargo Plane Crash Site BO.pngFile:China Lake menu icon BO.pngFile:Choices in Black Ops II.png
File:Claymore menu icon BO.pngFile:CoD-5-ranks.pngFile:CoD-MW-RE PAL.jpg
File:CoD3tr.pngFile:CoD4 boxart.pngFile:CoD5DStr.png
File:CoD5FFtr.pngFile:CoDBO PressureSuit.pngFile:CoDC.png
File:CoDFHtr.pngFile:CoDO Icon.pngFile:CoDRTVtr.png
File:CoDUOtr.pngFile:CoD Black Ops cover.pngFile:Cod-waw.png
File:Commando ACOG Summit BO MP Reveal.jpgFile:Commando menu icon BO.pngFile:Communitylogo.png
File:Crash Site.jpgFile:Crash site intel.jpgFile:Crashed B-17 Airfield WAW.png
File:Crossbow menu icon BO.pngFile:DShK 3rd Person BO.pngFile:Dead Ops Arcade Zombie Map Select Menu Picture.jpg
File:Declassified Cover Art Final.jpgFile:Dentist's Office Kino der Toten BO.pngFile:DerRiese.png
File:Der Riese Loading Screen.jpgFile:Der Riese Zombies BO.pngFile:Der Riese menu icon WaW.jpg
File:Der Riese minimap WaW.pngFile:Derriesecam37UPLOADED.jpgFile:Destacado.png
File:Double Tap Root Beer Machine Render.pngFile:Double barreled Shotgun WaW.pngFile:Dragunov Menu Icon Black Ops.png
File:ELITE MPL.pngFile:ELITE Uzi.pngFile:Ejemplo.jpg
File:Enfield menu icon BO.pngFile:Esempio.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:FAL Menu BO.pngFile:FG42 menu icon WaW.pngFile:Factory rezurrection BO.png
File:Famas menu icon BO.pngFile:Five 1st Floor.pngFile:Five 2nd Floor - Top.png
File:Five Zombie Map Select Menu Picture.jpgFile:Frag Grenade menu icon BO.pngFile:G11 menu icon BO.png
File:Galil menu icon BO.pngFile:Gamerscore.pngFile:Gewehr 43 menu icon WaW.png
File:Gilberto MW2G.pngFile:HELP ON ROOF.pngFile:HK21 Menu Icon BO.png
File:HS10 menu icon BO.pngFile:Helicopter Gameplay BODS.pngFile:Hellhounds Zombie Mode BODS.jpg
File:Intel 1 Crash Site BO.pngFile:Intel 2 Crash Site BO.pngFile:Intel 3 Crash Site BO.png
File:Juggernog Machine Render.pngFile:KS-23 3rd person BO.pngFile:Kar98k menu icon WaW.png
File:KinoDerToten.jpgFile:Kino Lobby.jpgFile:Kino der Toten Map Plan.jpg
File:Kino der Toten loading screen.jpgFile:Kiparis Menu BO.pngFile:Knife BODS.jpg
File:M1216 BOII.pngFile:M1216 Cocking BOII.pngFile:M1216 Cycling BOII.png
File:M1216 Iron Sights BOII.pngFile:M1216 Menu Icon BOII.pngFile:M1216 Pick-Up Icon BOII.png
File:M1216 Range BO2.pngFile:M1216 Reloading BOII.pngFile:M14 Iron Sights BODS.png
File:M14 menu icon BO.pngFile:M16 menu icon BO.pngFile:M1897 Trench Gun menu icon WaW.png
File:M1911 menu icon WaW.pngFile:M1919 Browning menu icon WaW.pngFile:M1A1 Carbine menu icon WaW.png
File:M1 Garand menu icon WaW.pngFile:M2.pngFile:M60 menu icon BO.png
File:M72 LAW menu icon BO.pngFile:MAC11 menu icon BO.pngFile:MG42 menu icon WaW.png
File:MP40 Third Person BO.pngFile:MP40 menu icon WaW.pngFile:MP5K menu icon.png
File:MPL menu icon BO.pngFile:MW2 Spec Ops Menu Alpha Ops.jpgFile:MW2icontr.png
File:MW3tr.pngFile:Makarov menu icon BO.pngFile:Menu mp weapons ak74u.png
File:Menu mp weapons colt.pngFile:Menu mp weapons l96a1.pngFile:Mnk1dotpic.png
File:Mnk5.pic.pngFile:Modern Warfare 2 cover.PNGFile:MolotovWaW1.png
File:Monkey Bomb.pngFile:Moonoverview.pngFile:Mule Kick Machine Render.png
File:Mw2ghosttr.pngFile:Nacht der Untoten.jpgFile:Olympia menu icon BO.png
File:Overhead Map 5th Version War Room - Down.pngFile:PM63 menu icon BO.pngFile:PPS-43 1st Person BODS.jpg
File:PPSh-41 1st Person BODS.jpgFile:PPSh-41 menu icon WaW.pngFile:PSG1 menu icon BO.png
File:PTRS-41 menu icon WaW.pngFile:Panzershreck profile view WaW.pngFile:Przykład.jpg
File:Python menu icon BO.pngFile:Quick Revive Machine Render.pngFile:Quotation.png
File:QuotationReverse.pngFile:RPG menu icon BO.pngFile:RPK menu icon BO.png
File:Ray Gun 3rd person view WaW.pngFile:RealWorldtr.pngFile:Redemption.jpg
File:Revolution.jpgFile:Revolution map.jpgFile:SOS ON ROOF.png
File:SPAS-12 menu icon BO.pngFile:STG44 menu icon WaW.pngFile:Shattered loading screen CoDBOD.jpg
File:Shino.jpgFile:Silver Trophy PS3 icon.pngFile:Singola.png
File:Skorpion menu icon BO.pngFile:SkullRod Squad.pngFile:Soldier holding an AK-74u Shattered CODBOD.jpg
File:Spectre Menu Icon Black Ops.pngFile:Speed Cola Machine Render.pngFile:Stakeout menu icon BO.png
File:Stealth Fighter Gameplay BODS.jpgFile:Stealth Fighter and Hush Puppy Gameplay.jpgFile:Stickthrown 5.png
File:Stoner63 menu icon BO.pngFile:Streal-3 menu icon BO.pngFile:Thompson COD.png
File:Thompson Iron Sights COD.pngFile:Thompson Pickup CoD.pngFile:Thompson Reloading COD.png
File:Thompson menu icon CoD1.pngFile:Thompson menu icon WaW.pngFile:Thundergun 3rd Person BO.png
File:Type 100 menu icon WaW.pngFile:Uitgelicht.pngFile:Uzi BO.png
File:Uzi Dive to Prone BO.pngFile:Uzi HUD BO.pngFile:Uzi Iron Sights BO.png
File:Uzi Reload BO.pngFile:Uzi Stats BO.jpgFile:Uzi Third Person BOII.png
File:Uzi menu icon BO.pngFile:Uzi menu icon BOII.pngFile:Valkyrie Rockets model BO.png
File:WA2000 menu icon BO.pngFile:WAWBackGround.pngFile:WMD.jpg
File:Wiki.pngFile:WintersHowl.pngFile:World At War Zombies Title.png
File:Wunderwaffe DG-2 3rd Person WaW.pngFile:Yamantau1dotpicweaver.pngFile:Yamantau2dotpicweaver.png
File:Yamantau6.pic.pngFile:YouTube Logo.pngFile:Zombie Mode BODS.jpg
File:Zombie title screen BOII.pngFile:Ztr.png

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